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**Family Bizness artist Los Vegas feature in The Music Plug**

Los Vegas, a young aspiring artist from the West End of Durham (Gerard Street to be specific), has been quietly
making a name for himself in the Bull City with hot consistent mixtape drops. This summer Los Vegas plans to take it to another level with the release of his latest mixtape project No Pen No Pad 2. Los Vegas released No Pen No Pad 1 on New Year’s Day 2010 through various internet outlets and anticipates NP2 to make a bigger impact.
Why did you name your last mixtape no pen no pad?
It was basically a statement. I haven’t been physically writing down my songs for awhile now. So this was like my first complete mixtape where I didn’t write anything, all no pen no pad. This was to let n*ggas know how it is and how its gon’ be.
How many mixtapes have you done?
Four; Long Time Comin’, Red Hot v.1, Can’t Fade The Great, and Red Hot v.2 all released via my Facebook
page, Reverbnation and online mixtape outlets.
When did you stop writing your music?
I was always flirting with not writing my rhymes. I was workin at Kroger’s and lost my job, so I had nothing to do
all day but hustle and work on my craft. That was around late 2007. But I really started…..
Catch Los Vegas Performing Live @ The Pour House in Raleigh, NC
August 17th, 2010
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